Egyptian Fertility Symbol

The simple use of an Egyptian fertility symbol can help women become pregnant and offers the promise that they will have offspring that are healthy and will be prosperous!

And the different Egyptian fertility symbols are numerous. Not only that, their depictions in the forms of statues or artwork placed in the homes of women hoping to have children can be invaluable.

For centuries, different cultures have looked to animals and goddesses as powerful figures that can help couples conceive children. And the Egyptians are no different.

An Egyptian fertility symbol may take the forms of a cat. This is because cats often produce multiple offspring and the Egyptians symbols of these animals can help couples who are hoping for children.

Frogs are also an Egyptian fertility symbol. This is because the amphibious creatures are often seen in large numbers especially during times of flooding. Some icons of Egyptian fertility may take the form of figurines of women with frogs.

As with cats, frogs may be used as a fertility symbol by placing figurines or drawing of them in strategic points of rooms where couples hope to conceive.

But Egyptians have also looked to the heavens for centuries for fertility as evidenced by their prayers to fertility goddesses. Goddesses are associated with fertility, the healthy delivery of babies and overall health of both women while they are carrying children, and the lives of their offspring after birth.

As with depictions of frogs or cats, figurines or carvings of Egyptian goddesses might be placed near a spot where a woman hopes to conceive. Why do these goddesses represent an Egyptian fertility symbol? The answer is simple in that they possessed the ability to harness the powers of the Earth to make women more fertile.

Different Egyptian goddesses are symbolic of both fertility and the delivery of a child. Other Egyptian goddesses bear witness to the power of motherhood, nurturing a child, and teaching.

The Egyptians believe that rituals with depictions of these goddesses can also make women fertile. These may include the burning of incense or herbs during a couple’s love making to produce an atmosphere that is more favorable to inception.

By placing these different icons throughout a home and particularly, in a room where a woman hopes to become pregnant, she recognizes the power that a belief in these symbols can have. This is because an Egyptian fertility symbol carries energy that will help a woman realize her dream of motherhood!

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